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Should a graphic designer work for free?
27 January 2020

Would you ever dream of asking your dentist to have some¬†work¬†done and not to pay him? Or calling the plumber because…

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What is a mood board?
13 October 2017

I have been designing logos for 8 years, and at the beginning my approach was just essentially to meet with the…

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What is like hiring a graphic designer?
5 June 2017

Engaging a designer who works on a creative project with you could be a bit gruelling, especially for those who have…

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What is the process to create a logo?
13 March 2017

Have you ever wondered how a logo is created? A logo is probably the main element of the core of graphic…

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How to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation
6 March 2017

How many times did you struggle with power point presentations? How many times did your slides appear powerful and catchy like…

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