Graphic Designer in Bristol
with a user-centric approach

I believe that everybody should be able to understand the point of the design, regardless of their background, experience and taste. As freelance graphic designer Bristol I am empathetic to the user’s feelings, and that’s why I spend a lot of time crafting a great user experience, just as I know that the user will spend a lot of time exploring the experience, whether that experience is a website design, an interactive presentation or app design.

GCP – Interactive presentation

ABCAM – Interactive wayfinder

For All Our Wellbeing – Website

Bourchier Editorial – Website

OrianoRaggi Smart Houses – Website

W12 Conferences – Mobile app


  • “Igor really is a saint! We had a very tight turnaround but Igor managed to pull it out of the bag. I met with Igor initially to discuss the design brief and even the first draft was exactly what we wanted. Everyone was very impressed by the reports and they complimented our other collateral brilliantly. He has also produced infographics for us that stand out from the crowd, so we always know who to go to. Thank you Igor for continually being patient and creating excellent work for us!”

    Alice Garland – Marketing Executive at Business West

  • ”Hiring Igor for the realisation of my B&B brand identity was the best solution: others had put down some unexciting ‘drafts’, but with him, every idea turned into a beautiful design! to confirm this, every guest makes us compliments and gives us the opportunity to feel proud and satisfied”

    Mr. Salvo Di Gregorio – Owner of That’s Rome Guesthouse

  • ”Igor managed to capture the spirit of my enterprise and to impress it on paper. I was very pleased in 2007 when he managed to create the logo of my pizzeria and since then, I have continued to collaborate with him for everything, trusting blindly in his creative talent and his professionalism. I reassured the idea that a responsible professional can take care of my brand, always hitting the mark.”

    Mr. Biagio Palladino – Owner of Mediterranea Pizzeria