Highway England Insider Guides for O2

The Marketing Practice contacted me because they needed an isometric illustration to incorporate in a poster. This was to be called the Insider Guides which sets out a snapshot of Highways England’s world showing HQ, some traffic officers, a motorway with a gantry, and a town in the distance etc. This project was meant to highlight four big opportunity areas for O2. My illustration would be on a poster that folds down to A5 size and would open out into a full A2 poster. O2 requested I try, where possible, to make the illustration feel a bit more hand drawn to make it feel more human and less computer generated and to do so, I was given a mood board showing the O2 brand colours and a few reference images for more hand drawn isometric styles. The key things would be: simplified colours, solid colours rather than gradients, outlines, blue as the predominant colour with the secondary palette as accents.